About us

“It all started with a simple olive bowl from Kathmandu…”

The concept for The Edge Of The Florist was developed by Beverly Vos a British entrepreneur who wanted to return to her creative roots and explore the serene and fragrant world of floristry.  Whilst discussing her plan for a showroom in Surrey, Beverly invited members of her media team to her home and found that the guests were fascinated by the interior design objects that she had lovingly collected on her travels. Amongst these were two items now featured in The Edge Of The Florist’s catalogue: A beautifully crafted table salver and a simple, yet elegant olive bowl from Kathmandu. It was then that Beverly and her brother Damon realized that they could combine their floristry business with a home decor company that gave their clients a choice of products not usually found in the larger home decor outlets.


Beverly launched The Edge Of The Florist in the hope that her clients would experience a different approach to home decor where the quirky and unusual are complemented by elegance and style. The images on this page are of three original and exclusive products; the Flight Salver, the Kathmandu Olive Bowl and a innovative Champagne Saver that is effective and simple to use.