As The Edge Of The Florist has just launched its new web site we haven’t had to answer a great deal of questions yet, but this is what we have received to date.

Beverly Vos


How do you use your Parmesan cheese Knife?

The correct way to use this kitchen tool is to push the point down at the edge of a block of Parmesan cheese and break off chunks… the effect is a little like chunks falling off an ice glacier!

How far out of the village of Cranleigh is Smithbrook Kilns?

We are approximately 1.5 miles from the heart of the village or 6 minutes driving time. Please see our web site map for directions.

Are most of your products exclusively manufactured for The Edge Of The Florist?

Not all, but each product has been personally selected by myself for their uniqueness, beauty and style. Several of the signature items have been designed especially for ‘The Edge’ and these include; the Leaf Bowl, Kathmandu Olive Bowl and Champagne Saver. We also have a range of scented candles that are made exclusively for our brand. I’m constantly adding new products to our range and many of these items will be available for the Christmas season.

Are you also a florist?

Yes we are, but not in the traditional sense. Our floral arrangements tend to be hand-tied giving them a rustic and natural beauty. We always try to have examples of these at our studio in Cranleigh.

When are your opening hours at the Cranleigh Studio?

If you would like to visit us here at Smithbrook Kilns, we would be happy to welcome you. Our studio is open from 10.00am – 4.00pm Tuesday to Saturday, but it’s always advisable to call us first at 01483277177. We look forward to seeing you!