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We specialize in creating a more natural casket spray, free-forming and with movement – with British garden and meadow flowers and grasses.

Funeral Flowers and Floral Tributes by The Edge of the Florist covering Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Guildford, Godalming, Cranleigh and surrounding areas.

Helping you find the best funeral flowers in Surrey is made easier with The Edge of the Florist by your side. We understand the impact of each flower personally and create the ideal floral tributes, wreaths and arrangements which will be most fitting for your loved one. With our flowers and our guidance you can be rest assured we will create the perfect symbolism and beauty that you require when looking for floral tributes.

We understand that particular flowers or arrangements may depict the personality or wishes of your loved one and we shall make every effort in ensuring that we deliver exactly what you are looking for with the utmost sensitivity, care and ease. Feel free to contact us if you wish to talk regarding the loss of a loved one and how we can help you choose the right flowers and arrangements, we have years of experience in bereavements and can understand how difficult a time this is for you.

With prices from £35.00 for a single ended casket spray or a tribute posey, we can design and produce a fitting floral tribute to suit all budgets.,

So please get in touch today and speak to one of our experienced team if you are looking for funeral flowers in Guildford, Godalming, Cranleigh or across Surrey.

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Casket Sprays and Arrangements

Casket sprays and arrangements are uniquely individual and reflect the likes and wishes of the family in the form of favourite flowers, foliage and colours. Usually a symmetrical arrangement in the form of a spray but please discuss with us your preferences.  These arrangements are based on oasis and can be natural or more formal. For example, recently we produced a casket arrangement from winter foliages, fir, spruce, mimosa and ivy. During the spring, we can create beautiful casket arrangements from eucalyptus, ferns, narcissus, freesia, clematis and rosemary.

The Circle of Life Floral Tribute Wreath.

At The Edge of the Florist we consider it an honour to arrange floral tributes for loved ones who have gone beyond the rainbow, out of our reach, but always remain in our hearts. A beautiful floral tribute in the form of funeral flowers in Godalming is the last gift you can give and is very personal. We have created a “natural floral or woodland circle” called The Circle of Life. We create The Circle from your favourite seasonal plants, foliage, grasses, herbs and flowers, often wild flowers, and in your chosen colour theme.

Special Floral Tributes and Natural Hand Tied Sheafs

Lovely formal tributes are created on an oasis base (and are not compostable) and include 46cm long rectangular arrangement, floral rings, cushions, a Cross, hearts, letters and words, or posies. A wide variety of foliage and funeral flowers in Surrey are bought together to create these special designs.

Sheafs are a lovely choice as they are very natural, very beautiful, and not as uniform as formal tributes.  They are also compostable which makes them very suitable for crematoriums and natural burial grounds.